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About BU Eswatini

Botho University is now in Eswatini, and in full operation as per the ESHEC authority in accordance with section 19 of The Higher Education Act of 2013, with effect from July 2019. BU goal in Eswatini is to offer academic programmes of high intellectual and entrepreneurial nature in fields that meet the needs of the Eswatini economy, in order to develop a nation that is already proud of its culture. Focusing on teaching and learning, research, community engagement and internalization, Botho University Eswatini will constantly address the unique needs, competencies and characteristics of the Eswatini environment, with the ultimate goal of cementing our position as the preferred higher education institution within the Eswatini Higher Education sector. This will be achieved through the offering of academic programmes from the Faculties of Computing, Health & Education and Business & Accounting. This approach will unearth the envisioned focus areas of business, accounting, computing, health and education. It is important that the identified focus areas need to be addressed in an all-inclusive manner to achieve the vision and strategic objectives of the University.