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Financial Modelling In Excel

Financial Modelling with Excel carters for both experienced managers who simply need a refresher in financial forecasting using models, and the newcomers in the field. Learners will gain practical skills required to build robust financial models that can be used for planning, evaluation and decision making in businesses.

The course introduces learners to best practice of designing flexible models based on a range of Excel functions and techniques normally employed to construct financial models from scratch. Botho University has expert tutors who will deliver the course in a way that would leave the learners with a sound understanding of financial modelling.

 The short course program is covered in 40 hours, spread over five days.Basic Excel knowledge is a prerequisite.

Course content and delivery

Course Title: Financial Modelling in Excel

Duration of the course: One week (5 days)

Expected prior knowledge/skill: Basic spreadsheet skills, foundations in accounting and finance

Aim of the course: The course is aimed at introducing the principles of financial modelling to professionals involved in financial decision making of businesses. It is meant to teach learners, how to build and maintain their own financial models. The delivery mode is practically oriented, with every participant having to work on a computer for most of the duration of the course.

The key areas covered during the five-day modular sessions include:

  • The difference between what makes a good model and a bad one
  • Logical, structured and disciplined approach towards model building
  • Components of an integrated financial model from start to finish
  • Financial and commercial aspects into Excel
  • How to tailor the outputs of the model towards end users and interpret the results
  • Excel functionality
  • Ways to reduce the incidence of modelling errors