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The course is titled Business Communication. The curriculum is appropriate for corporate learners at different education levels from training institutions, college, and university. It is made up of 3units namely Leadership & Communication, Advanced Presentation and Effective Report Writing.Thiscourse is designed to be completed in 5 days divided to a total of 40 Hours.

Unit 1: Leadership & Communication (16 hours;2days)

Unit 2: Advanced Presentation (8 hours;1day)

Unit 3: Effective Report Writing (16 hours;2days)


Course content and delivery 

Introduction Business Communication is fundamental to the progress of any organisation in the world. It is a tool that organisations worldwide have used to communicate ideas effectively in the workplace. This Business Communication short course focuses on the working professional and covers Business writing, Advanced Presentation, Leadership & Communication; tools that are useful to deliver powerful messages for influencing peers, managers, subordinates, customers and other stakeholders.
Units Communication Simulations Sample Exercises Key Takeaways Self-Assessment
UNIT 01Leadership & Communication   (Duration: 2 days) Effectively handle challenges such as delivering unpopular news, increasing team motivation and winning hearts and minds of managers, colleagues, subordinates and stakeholders

Delivering a speech during a team meeting
Delivering a speech to aggrieved stakeholders

Leading Effectively through communication
Getting Staff buy in and participation
Ability to Motivate Staff
Clarity of the situation to stakeholders
Written Reflective Feedback

Evaluate Performance
UNIT 02Advanced Presentation     (Duration: 1 day) Deliver a powerful presentation to sell an idea to team members, customers and stakeholders using text, graphics, audio and or video using PowerPoint. A Sales pitch to customers
Presentation of a Business Strategy to team members.
How to deliver an effective Sales Pitch Presentation
How to deliver an Effective Business Strategy Presentation
Ability to deliver an Effective Power point presentation
Written Reflective Feedback
Evaluate Performance 
UNIT 03Effective Report Writing   (Duration: 2 days) Create an effective report that can move people towards taking a desired course of action. Key to this is quality of the report and how it can influence the perception of the reader. Learners will work on the structure, scope and the use of visual aids to strengthen the representation of the facts, conclusions and recommendations that make-up the report. Writing a purposeful business and/or technical report with reliable conclusions that meet readers' requirements. Researching, analysing, organizing information and using visual aids appropriately to support the presentation of information. Recommendations should be evidence backed to support management decision making. Creating an Informative report that influences decision making

Ability to write a technical or business report that aids decision making
Written Reflective Feedback
Evaluate Performance
Conclusion Final Assignment:The leaner to write a self-reflective statement on the content covered during course and how it will impact their business communication.