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Customer Care training is critical to any organization that works with people regardless of size. Interactions between employees and customers have an influence on the number of customers retained. Employees with successful customer service skills have a great sense of value and commitment to their job. The customer service skills that employees possess make positive impressions on both current and future customers. The relationships developed through a single great customer service experience not only can help deliver a sale, it can create a loyal customer that ensures repeat sales years into the future. Given the social and digital age, one great customer experience can translate to many more customers hence the need for provision of proper customer service training which can assist in delivery of a long-term increase in sales and customer loyalty. This customer Care training will assist eSWATINI companies to provide exception service to customers.

 In line with Botho University's Admission Policy, we aim to ensure that no potential student will be excluded from entry to any programme as a result of discrimination, and subject to the availability of infrastructure and human resources, all qualifying candidates with special needs have equal opportunity to access programmes.

Syllabus indicative content
Introduction Introduction to fundamentals and objectives of customer care
Understanding basic concepts of satisfying customer needs and wants
Identifying gaps and solutions using ServQual model
Different profiles of customers: white collar, blue collar and purple collar
Publicity and Public relations
Internet and interactive media
Budgeting for customer care tools
Units Customer-care Simulations Sample Exercises Key Takeaways
UNIT 01Introduction to fundamentals and objectives of customer care Value proposition Psychographic positioning
Identify your customer care strengths and weaknesses
Manage the customer care process
Profiling customers
Feedback by customers
Evaluate Performance
UNIT 02Identifying gaps in customer care Discovering gaps and exploiting them Locking in customers through loyalty programmes Generate value when there areobjections
Overcoming objections with positive feedback from customers
Realising solutions from your own product
Gap analysis
Spark Creativity
UNIT 03Segmentation process Demographic segmentation
Income segmentation
Cross segmentation
Benefits and features of a segmentation
Creating customer loyalty
Conversion of difficult customers
Understanding styles of converting difficult customers
UNIT 04Budgeting for customer care Building costs structures and profits through recruitment and software appointing personal managers and account managers
Apply themes and issues from the course to real life scenarios
Conduct Customer care
Costs and profit analysis, contribution analysis
Conclusion Capstone Assignment: You will complete several short questions that will help you reflect on what you’ve learned throughout the course and consider how you will utilize yournew skills in future negotiations. Capstone Assignment