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Negotiation Skills

The course is titled Certificate in Negotiation Skills. The curriculum is appropriate for private and public sector (business) executives at all levels, strategic, tactical and operational level management who interact with people, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, pressure groups, governmental and parastatal organizations and the public. These executives who interact with people in many capacities, Managing Director, Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, Secretaries of Ministries, Departmental heads of Government and Parastatal Organizations,Business Functional mangers such as Human Resource Manager, Marketing Manager, Finance Manager etc., Frontline managers, such as supervisors, public relation officer etc., may belong to different level of education but Negotiation Skills create value in managing their people without or minimum conflicts despite of their different levels of education.

The Course: Certificate in Negotiation Skillshas been modularized into four learning units and the scope of content of each unit is appropriate.

Unit 1: Introduction to Negotiation Analysis: Finding the Zone of Possible Agreement (06 Hours)
Unit 1 (Pre-Requisites: Nil)
Unit 2: Advanced Negotiation Skills:Creating Value(06 Hours)
Unit 2 (Pre-Requisites: Unit1: Introduction to Negotiation Analysis: Finding the Zone of Possible Agreement)
Unit 3: Managing the Negotiation Process:Bargaining Tactics, Style, and Emotions
Unit 3: (Pre-Requisites: Unit 2: Advanced Negotiation Skills: Creating Value)
Unit 4: Negotiation Mastery:Forging Agreement within Groups and Organization
Unit 4: (Pre-Requisites: Unit 2: Managing the Negotiation Process: Bargaining Tactics, Style, and Emotions)

Introduction Introduction to a panel of expert negotiators, comprised of a wide range of expert practitioners and Harvard faculty members Set goals and establish your negotiation preferences and skills through self-assessment exercises
Test your strategic skills set through a negotiation exercise

Units Negotiation Simulations Sample Exercises Key Takeaways
UNIT 01Introduction to Negotiation Analysis: Finding the Zone of Possible Agreement Bargaining a dispute with positive and negative ZOPA. Bargaining exercises Power Puzzle Identify your walkaway
Manage the exchange of offers
Close the deal
Conduct Negotiation
Evaluate Performance
UNIT 02Advanced Negotiation Skills: Creating Value Negotiating for win-win or lose-lose with negotiation strategies Role play for win-win and lose-lose Generate value when there is uncommon ground
Manage situations under different and complex scenarios
Dig into the fundamental tension of creating and claiming value
Conduct Negotiations
Spark Creativity
UNIT 03Managing the Negotiation Process: Bargaining Tactics, Style, and Emotions Crafting Terms and Conditions Emotional preparation exercise Examine the relational dimension of negotiation
Explore interpersonal dynamics, bargaining styles, tactics, and emotion
Conduct Negotiation
Understanding Bargaining Style
UNIT 04Negotiation Mastery: Forging Agreement within Groups and Organization Building Relationship Internal workplace negotiation
Self-advocacy exercise
Apply themes and issues from the course to real life scenarios
Negotiate effectively withingroups and organizations
Conduct Negotiation
Resolve Disputes
Conclusion Capstone Assignment: You will complete several short essay questions that will help you reflect on what you’ve learned throughout the course, and consider how you will utilize your new skills in future negotiations. Capstone Assignment