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Sales Promotion Strategy

Sales promotion is a form of marketing, usually aimed either at the distribution channel or targeted customers.  It is predominantly used for introducing a new product in the market, attracting traffic, stock clearance, and to boost sales in the short-term. It is mostly associated with the marketing of products than services. The necessity of sales promotion strategies emanates from the intense competition in the marketplace hence sellers have to devise strategies to attract the customer’s attention.

The Sales Promotion Strategy covers product awareness in order to generate interest.  Marketers find sales promotions to be very effective to generate people’s interest in a product or service. Sales promotions can significantly boost customer traffic. Sales promotion mechanisms are generally designed to move consumers to action through stimulation of demand.  A Sales promotion strategy also seeks to reinforce brands.

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Syllabus Indicative Content
1 Introduction to fundamentals and Objectives and sales promotion
Identifying sales gaps and solutions
Performing sales promotion by differentiating your product
Direct Marketing
Publicity and Public Relations
Corporate advertising
Internet and Interective media
Budgeting for sales and promotions
Self Assessment
Units Sales Simulations Sample Exercises Key Takeaways
UNIT 01Introduction to fundamentals and Objectives and sales Unique Selling proposition Selling exercise
Identify your selling strengths and weaknesses
Manage the transfer of liability/ exchange of goods
Close the deal
Conduct a sale
Feedback by customers
Evaluate Performance
UNIT 02Identifying sales gaps Discovering sales gaps and exploiting them Launching a sale Generate value when there areobjections
Overcoming objections with positive feedback from customers
Realising solutions from your own product

Conduct Negotiations
Spark Creativity
UNIT 03Differentiation process Unique selling propositions (USP)
    Benefits and features of a product
Converting customers to your own camp Conversion of difficult customers
Understanding styles of converting difficult customers