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Title: Basic Microsoft Word

learning field: ICT

duration of course: 2 days

date course developed: 23-11-2018

date of review: 22-11-2023


Microsoft Word (simply referred to as Word) is a sophisticated word processing application program/package specially designed for performing various word processing tasks, such as typing, editing and printing out of textual information. It allows adequate control over the creation and presentation of the typographic work. Microsoft Word also offers facilities for basic graphic design, statistical report of a document, spelling and grammar checking tasks, etc. These and numerous other features and facilities Word offers make it stand out among word processing programs, as well as make the difference between it and other mechanical devices for word processing (e.g. typewriter).


Course content and delivery
Topic 1- Word Screen Elements
The Ribbon and Word Screen

An overview of the Word opening screen and Ribbon functionality.

Quick Access Toolbar

Set up the vital buttons you use most to make your work easier.

Navigating the Page

Learn how to control where you type and how to navigate within the page. 

Your First Document

Learn how to enter text and save your first document.

Formatting Fonts

Format text with colors and apply fonts.

Basic Letter Layout

Learn how to format a basic letter layout.

Basic Cut, Copy, Paste

Cut, copy and paste is an essential skill to help minimize re-typing text.


Topic 2- Essential Formatting Knowledge – the Home Ribbon 
Styles Gallery

Learn how and why to apply predesigned Styles to text.

Format Text with Fonts and Colors

Learn how to apply bold, italic, underline and Drop Caps styles to text.

Format Painter

Quickly copy and paste “formats” with this amazing button.

Practice with the FONT Group

Learn to apply various font styles and why they are used in professional documents.

Basic Paragraph Formats

Paragraph format and alignment is important to proper document layout.

Fun and Functional Paragraph Formats

Apply background colors or borders to paragraphs.

Bullets and Numbering

Learn how to apply and control bullets and numbering.


Learn how and when to use specific indent types.

Line Spacing

Learn why you would want more space between the lines within paragraphs and how to apply the space.

The Find/Replace Function

Learn to quickly find a word or format and replace it with an alternative.


Topic 3- The File Ribbon 
File, New

Explore the readily available document templates rather than creating a particular document from scratch.

File, Recent

Learn to quickly preserve files and easily access your most used documents.

File, Share

View the various ways to collaborate with others on a document.

File, Info and Security Considerations

Password Protect a file or Recover an unsaved version.


Topic 4- Intermediate Formatting Knowledge – the Insert Ribbon
Inserting Page Breaks and Blank Pages

Quickly force a new page at the location you specify, and/or add a blank page as well.

Add a Cover Page

Pre-designed cover pages to give a professional look to your report.

Working with Pages

Quickly move from page-to-page and view pages side-by-side

Inserting Pictures and Clip Art

Learn how to apply and control picture sizes and placement.

Basic Use of Shapes

Learn to move and color shapes to draw attention to an area.


Learn how to capture a picture of your screen and use in a document.

Headers and Footers

Learn how to add Headers and Footers to a document.

Page Numbers and File Location Notes

Learn how to apply and control page numbers and insert file notes.

Word Art


Learn this creative text format often found on flyers, and a clever “rubber stamp” to use on documents.


A necessary and interesting toolset if using creative accents, symbols, or displaying mathematical formulas.


Topic 5- Essential Page Layout Ribbon

Learn how to set margins to standard or custom settings.

Paper Orientation and Size

Learn how to change paper size and orientation depending on the document type.

Using Columns

Learn to divide text into long columns to make the best use of paper.

Paragraph Spacing

Learn how to control spaces between paragraphs all at one time and adjust spacing as needed.


Explore the various options within the Print dialogue box.


Topic 6- The View Ribbon
Document Views

Learn how and why to use the different available document views.

Navigation Pane

Learn how the Nav Pane assists with document management. 

Show and Zoom Controls

How to quickly add the Navigation pane and quickly zoom in and out of the document.

Use Multiple Windows

Learn about using multiple windows to view the same or various documents side-by-side.