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Certificate in New Venture Creation

What is this about?

The purpose of this qualification is to provide entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME) sector with the technical, business, managerial and personal skills to create and sustain a business. The qualification is available to individuals who do not have formal training and are working in, or wish to work in or manage a SMME business.

Why should you enroll?

This programme will assist aspiring entrepreneur, inventor and mid-career professional in understanding and applying the process associated with starting a new business or creating new business opportunities within established organizations.

Recipients of this qualification will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to identify and create a new venture.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of interpersonal skills required in a business environment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic economics within a market economy.
  • Manage a new venture by applying business principles and techniques.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of leadership and management.

What are the topics covered?

The following key topics are covered in the course:

  • The entrepreneurial mind – crafting a personal entrepreneurial strategy
  • The entrepreneurial process
  • Clean commerce and sustainable enterprise movements are an opportunity sea change
  • Opportunity recognition
  • Opportunities for social entrepreneurship
  • The business plan
  • The entrepreneurial leader and the team
  • Ethical decision‐making and the entrepreneur
  • Resource requirements
  • Entrepreneurial financing
  • Obtaining venture and growth capital
  • The deal: valuation, structure, and negotiation
  • Obtaining debt capital

Credits Awarded

16 credits

What is the duration?

This is a 160 hours course

Who should attend?

This intensive course aims to prepare individuals or teams who wish to kick-start and/or accelerate their new business. It is relevant to both pre-starts and companies that have recently formed.

This course is designed for:

  • Individuals/teams who want the opportunity to explore a new business idea;
  • People who want an insight into the life of an entrepreneur;
  • Company founders who want to expand their network.