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Sales Promotion Strategy

What is this about?

This course is concerned with strategic approaches to managing advertising and sales promotion programs. Topics include selecting target audiences; setting program objectives; developing and implementing creative strategies, and judging creative media. The programme emphasizes the importance of promoting one’s business as an important part of daily activities. The course teaches learners the effective means of business promotion-tried and true sales strategies. Different promotional strategies that can be used to increase the company’s bottom line are discussed e.g. use of coupons, giveaways or incentives.

Why should you enroll?

This intensive 3-day training course will demonstrate to learners that place decisions are concerned with providing products/services to the customer at the right time and place. The four main types of promotional tools; advertising, sales promotion, publicity and personal selling are explained in detail. Positioning and the concept of promotion are fully explained. The different forms of sale promotions; customer promotions, trade promotions and business and sales force promotions are discussed in full. At the end of training the learner will also have a better understanding of what is and the purpose of consumer promotion. The training will also equip learners with the concept of segregation and the four factors of segregation; geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural are discussed. The product life cycle is discussed in detail i.e. definitions and the different stages. This programme teaches students the practical way to develop a sales promotion program.

What are the topics covered?

The program covers the following main areas:

  • Explain the four P’s of marketing
  • Promotion and promotional tools.
  • Explain the concept of positioning
  • Sales Promotions, Objectives & benefits
  • Role of advertising in sales promotion campaigns
  • Different types of Sales Promotions and the benefits
  • Consumer Promotions, Trade Promotions, Business and Sales Force Promotions
  • Segmentation - how this can be done
  • How promotions can be carried out in a variety of ways
  • Effective promotion tools to be used for targeting the correct segment of customers
  • Product Life Cycle - different stages & promotion tools to be used
  • How a sales promotion program is developed and implemented?
  • Role of a sales person in the development, implementation & evaluation of a sales promotion campaign
  • Various evaluation techniques that can be used

Credits Awarded

3 credits

What is the duration?

This is a 3 day course

Who should attend?

This course is a "must" if you are planning to either secure an entry-level position or are looking to seize the opportunity to advance in a marketing environment. The following people can attend:

  • Marketing
  • Sales and customer service
  • Corporate planning and business development
  • Product
  • Advertising and brand management
  • Customer service and Key account management