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Pako Mmereki

BSc Honours in Business Management Graduate

Operations Manager at Woolworths Riverwalk

What inspired you to have BU as the university of Choice?

Ans: Frankly, BU was never a choice for me. I found myself at BU after I couldn't get a scholarship to go study outside the country. However, if I were to turn back time, I would not change anything as it is at BU that I found my wings and unearthed the man that I am today. Call it Destiny!

How has BU impacted your life?

Ans: A great deal! The experiences I had in and out of the lecture halls have really been impactful. The learning experience, coupled with the practical case studies we undertook made me aware of the problems and opportunities around us. The community engagements I was evolved in made me aware of the responsibilities we each have as citizens to better our country. Volunteering and being involved in student leadership made me realise that real change can only come when we intentionally take initiative to resolve whatever obstacles that may lay ahead. I am a well rounded citizen thanks to BU.

How did BU change your perspective?

Ans: Today I look at the world from a totally different perspective than I did before BU. I now have an understanding of the different dynamics of personalities and beliefs. I am a lot more open minded and accommodating to different cultures, races and philosophies. I understand that everyone is who they are either by choice or environmental influences, and that makes us all totally different. I have come to understand that despite those differences, our synergies can produce results we never fathomed possible.

What are some of the memorable experiences?

Ans: Being selected to represent Botswana in the United States on a student leadership, civic engagement and cultural exchange programme, that's the most notable. Participating in the various activities through the Student representative council (src), organising and volunteering in the various events that happened on campus also came with some of the best memories of my varsity days. Engaging the community through our outreach club where we shared our skills and empowered students from primary schools to junior schools as well as the out of school youths. Having to sit down with village elders such as Dikgosi and the VDC to discuss their challenges and actually coming up with working solutions. Those are definitely worthwhile moments that I will forever cherish when I look back at my experience at BU