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ISO 9001:2008 QMS Implentation

What is this about?

ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognised standard for Quality Management System Requirements. This four-day programme assists delegates not to only evaluate the importance of quality standards in relation to their business operations and products but the following are also covered:

  • The meaning of Quality
  • Application of Quality Management Systems in any type of business
  • The benefits of implementing a Quality Management System
  • All the requirements spelled out in the chapters of the ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • How to apply the requirements of the standard in practical situations at work
  • The role of staff in implementing and maintaining a QMS
  • The role of the organization in implementing ISO 9001:2008
  • The process for certification in ISO 9001:2008

Why should you enroll?

In general, the local industry has great skills gaps in understanding quality management standards, and specifically implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems. This course, above just an awareness course, is deeper elaboration on the principles and application in business of quality management systems. A greater portion of the program me is focused on explaining and defining the practical application of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Since the course will be run by trainers who have a lot of industry implementation experience, a more practical than academic approach expected in the delivery of this program me.

This is a short course, meant to meet local industry gaps in the area of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.

What are the topics covered?

The program covers the following main areas:

  • Quality Management Fundamentals
  • Establishing an ISO 9001:2008 based QMS
  • Role of Top Management
  • Resource Management
  • Controls for the making of products & the provision of service in QMS (Product/Service Realization)
  • Improving the performance of a QMS

Credits Awarded

3 credits

What is the duration?

This is a 4 - day course

Who should attend?

  • Individuals assigned the responsibility to implement quality management systems in their organization
  • Individuals who need to understand the benefits of quality management for their organization
  • Those interested in or starting a career in quality management
  • Chief executive officers (CEOs) / managing directors / business unit leaders / departmental heads
  • Management representatives appointed in terms of the standard - clause 5.5.2
  • Departmental quality representatives
  • Individuals identified by management for further development